Smiles Mobile Remittance EVP & Director Alex Milan Empowers OFWs at Juan Tiyaga Event in Kariya

smiles kariya juan tiyaga event

Aichi, Japan - On Nov. 5, 2023, Relax with Titos Production hosted an event in Aichi, Japan aimed at empowering Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Japan. The event, "Juan Tiyaga: OFW Mindset on Business and Investments," featured speakers, including the EVP and Director of Smiles Mobile Remittance, Alex Milan. Mr Milan was invited to address the audience on the important topic of financial stability, sharing insights that resonated with the OFWs' pursuit of economic well-being.


Mr Milan started his speech by explaining the definition of financial stability. According to him, being financially stable involves the ability to pay bills on time, establish savings, live debt-free, donate regularly and generously and contribute positively to the community.


smiles kariya juan tiyaga event


The S.M.I.L.E.S. Approach to Financial Stability:
To guide OFWs towards financial stability, Mr Milan introduced the S.M.I.L.E.S. framework, an acronym highlighting key steps for achieving economic well-being:

Setting Financial Goals (S): Setting clear and achievable financial goals is a foundational step toward stability.


Multiplying Income Sources (M): Diversifying more than one source of income can become a strategic move to enhance financial resilience and security.


Investing in Self (I): The significance of continuous self-improvement through education and skill development to remain competitive in the global job market.


Living a Simple Life (L): Adopting a frugal lifestyle was presented as a means to manage expenses and channel resources towards meaningful financial objectives.


Exemplifying (E): Becoming a positive role model for others within the community is identified as a way to inspire and uplift those around you.


Sharing Blessings and Learnings (S): The importance of sharing one's success, experiences, and knowledge with others, nurturing a culture of mutual support and growth.


Key Figures at the Event:
Among the Juan Tiyaga event speakers was Mr Chinkee Tan, a renowned wealth coach in the Philippines. Both Mr Tan and Mr Milan share a longstanding connection, dating back to their shared commitment to financial education and empowerment in their home country.


smiles evp director alex milan with chinkee tan

The Juan Tiyaga event in Kariya, featuring the insights of Mr Alex Milan and other respected speakers, served as a valuable platform for OFWs in Japan to gain essential financial literacy. The S.M.I.L.E.S. framework provided a practical guide for attendees to navigate the path towards financial stability, promoting a mindset helping successful business ventures and wise investments. As the event concluded, it was reported to Smiles Mobile Remittance that it left a lasting impact on the attendees, inspiring them to embrace the principles of Juan Tiyaga and embark on a journey toward economic prosperity and resilience.