Seven Bank Group Company Merger Finalized; Smiles Mobile Remittance Customers Will Gain Access to Seven Bank ATMs

seven bank merger atm access smiles


Tokyo, Japan, April 2, 2024 – Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC), a global IT and fintech company operating Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles), the number one mobile money transfer service in Japan, is delighted to announce, following its partnership with Seven Bank, Ltd (Seven Bank), that it will be expanding accessibility for Smiles Mobile Remittance customers. Tentatively, starting on Apr. 2, 2024, all Smiles users will have the convenience of accessing Seven Bank ATMs for various financial transactions. Additionally, on the same day, Digital Wallet executed the merger of Seven Global Remit Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Seven Bank, and commenced the succession of its services.


The partnership between DWC and Seven Bank signifies a significant step towards advancing financial inclusion for foreigners in Japan. With the acquisition of Seven Bank’s international money transfer service, DWC aims to provide a stronger, more reliable and efficient experience for users when it comes to supporting their migrant lifestyles and loved ones back in their home countries.


From Apr. 2, 2024, Smiles Mobile Remittance customers will be able to send money overseas and deposit money to their Smiles Wallet via Seven Bank ATMs using their Smiles Premium Cards. Additionally, customers will have the option to utilize a QR code at any Seven Bank ATM to directly deposit money to their Smiles Wallet, streamlining the remittance process further.


Furthermore, on the same day, Digital Wallet executed the absorption merger of Seven Global Remit, succeeding its services. As a result, the users of Seven Global Remit will proceed with utilizing Smiles services after completing the necessary procedures.


Once Seven Bank ATMs open their doors to Smiles customers, Smiles Mobile Remittance will give its customers access to over 70 thousand ATMs nationwide when they use the QR code or Smiles Premium Cards. This expansive accessibility will enable customers to easily deposit funds into their Smiles Wallet accounts and send money to over 200 countries worldwide.


“I’m proud of the Digital Wallet and Smiles Teams for helping us become the largest ATM network in Japan with a total of over 77 thousand ATMs accessible to our customers,” said DWC Founder and CEO Eiji Miyakawa, “and we’re honored to become the first remittance company in the country to reach such an achievement.”