Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada Philippines Team Attends Philippine Calgary Summer Festival 2023

smiles canada philippine calgary summer festival 2023

Calgary, Canada, 16 Aug 2023 – Calgary’s Prairie Winds Park came alive with lively energy as the Philippine Calgary Summer Festival, a much-anticipated annual event, witnessed a large crowd on August 12 and 13, 2023. Even though the forecast called for sunshine and an unexpected storm, the event was a memorable one, and the Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada Philippines Team was determined to attend and support.


The festival offered an outlet for vendors and attendees to immerse themselves in the rich culture of the Philippines. However, as the final day unfolded, it was clear that the weather had played a significant role in shaping the turnout. The heat made it a challenging environment for both participants and visitors.


Additionally, Saturday’s sudden storm brought strong winds that disrupted the festival’s first day, overturning booths and causing merchandise and individuals to be drenched. Unfortunately, many attendees decided to leave early. Nevertheless, there was still a group of those who were determined, and amidst these troubles, the Smiles Mobile Remittance team stood strong.


Around noon, the half-day event commenced, providing an opportunity for Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada Philippines Team to engage with the attendees. Despite the attendance not reaching anticipated levels, the team managed to connect with those who were present.

smiles canada philippine calgary summer festival 2023

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While financial discussions took center stage, the Philippine Calgary Summer Festival also showcased a diverse range of cultural performances, from local talents demonstrating their singing and engaging in folk dancing to lively musical bands and captivating Lion Dances. The cultural extravaganza was ideal for the Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada Philippines Team to showcase their commitment to bridging financial gaps while maintaining connections within the community.


Overall, this 2023 Philippine Calgary Summer Festival might have faced its share of challenges, but it proved to be a great opportunity for the Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada Philippines Team to engage with the Filipino community in Calgary. The team looks forward to attending more events and festivals to help people support their loved ones far away and connect with communities across Canada.

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