Digital Wallet Indonesia Team Joins Inauguration of Japan's First Pesantren and NU At-Taqwa Mosque

Kunjungan ke Masjid dan Pesantren di Ibaraki

Ibaraki, Japan – On Sep 16 and 17, 2023, Digital Wallet Corporation‘s Indonesia Team had the privilege to attend the inauguration of the first Islamic Boarding School for Indonesians, known as “Pesantren,” and the new Nadhlatul Ulama (NU) management at the Masjid NU At-Taqwa Mosque in Koga, Ibaraki, Japan.


In Indonesia, Pesantren, or Islamic Boarding Schools, play an important role in educating the youth about Islamic principles. These institutions provide students with a unique opportunity to live together in dormitories while receiving guidance from their mentors, often referred to as “Kiai.” Beyond religious education, Pesantrens also serve as hubs for academic discussions and cultural activities; they are welcoming to people of all faiths interested in learning about Islam and its traditions.


In Japan, where a significant Indonesian community resides, the opening of the first Pesantren is a momentous occasion. The NU Muslim community has initiated this boarding school to offer a platform for children and the younger generation in Japan to deepen their understanding of Islam. Digital Wallet Indonesia is proud to support this endeavor through sponsorship, with the aspiration that this Pesantren will be a valuable resource for the Japanese Muslim community and future generations.


The Inauguration of Japan’s First Pesantren

On September 16, 2023, the Indonesian community in Koga, Ibaraki, officially inaugurated the first Pesantren in Japan. The event drew over 100 attendees from across the prefecture, featuring traditional Rebana musical performances, speeches by NU community representatives, and remarks by the Indonesian Ambassador. The day concluded with a communal lunch, reflecting the spirit of togetherness and community-building.


The establishment of this Pesantren in Japan aims to provide a spiritual and educational haven for Muslims and NU residents, mirroring the experiences of those in Indonesia.

digital wallet pesantren first japan indonesia


Attendance of Indonesian Ambassador Heri Akhmadi
Ambassador Heri Akhmadi graced the inauguration of Japan's first Islamic Boarding School and delivered a heartfelt speech. He congratulated the successful construction of the NU Mosque in Japan and expressed hope that the NU Islamic Boarding School would benefit the Indonesian community in Japan, especially those in Ibaraki.

digital wallet pesantren first japan indonesia


NU At-Taqwa Mosque in Koga, Ibaraki
The NU At-Taqwa Mosque, located just one hour north of Tokyo, is a significant milestone for the Indonesian community in Japan. Built in collaboration with Muslims from Koga, Ibaraki, it was completed in just one month and inaugurated on July 20, 2021, coinciding with Eid al-Adha. This mosque fills a crucial need for Indonesians living in smaller towns, providing them with easy access to a place of worship and spiritual connection.

digital wallet pesantren first japan indonesia


Support from Digital Wallet Corporation
Digital Wallet Corporation, known as the owner and developer of the number one mobile money transfer service in Japan, Smiles Mobile Remittance, is committed to supporting the activities at the Koga Ibaraki Mosque and the development of Japan’s first Islamic boarding school. By participating in these efforts, Digital Wallet aims to contribute to the realization of this educational institution and mosque, furthering its mission of promoting peace within the Indonesian and global communities.


Mr. Saiful Khair, a representative of the Indonesian team at Digital Wallet, emphasized his shared initiative, saying, “Digital Wallet Corporation is dedicated to assisting Indonesians and the global community in achieving greater happiness. We envision this Pesantren and mosque as places for educating the younger generation, including children in Japan. With this initiative, we hope to address the spiritual needs of Muslims and NU residents, not only within the Muslim community but also for the broader public interested in learning about Islam.”

digital wallet pesantren first japan indonesia

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