Smiles Mobile Remittance Celebrates Year 7 of Service as Champions, Highlighting Resilience and Team Spirit

smiles year 7 champions


Tokyo, Japan – We are thrilled to announce our seventh year of operation at Smiles Mobile Remittance. Throughout this journey, we have stood closely with our valued customers, who are like family to us, as well as their home countries. Thanks to the unending support of our beloved Smilers, we have become the leading remittance service in Japan, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of them.


The most satisfying aspect of our seventh year is that Smiles has been a witness to the incredible resilience and determination of our Smilers during the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite their own difficulties, we have seen our customers demonstrate strength, supporting their families and home countries with dedication. Their courage and positive outlook on life have deeply touched the hearts of all Smiles team members and empowered us to keep pushing forward. 


We are honored to have such exceptional champions as our customers, who excel in various areas of life, whether it be for their families, society, or business endeavors.


Having emerged from this period alongside our champions, we humbly express our sincere appreciation to them as we embark on our seventh year. Our promise and commitment is to continue delivering our best service, always focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction.


Furthermore, we have come to realize the power of unity and teamwork, both on and off the field. Recently, our team members had the opportunity to engage in various sports activities, which further reinforced our dedication to teamwork. We understand the significance of working together, not just within the workplace but also in celebrating achievements together. This spirit of celebration extends to all members of our Smiles community, and we invite everyone to join us in cherishing moments of joy and triumph as champions.


As we set sail on another year of service, we at Smiles are willing to commit to constant innovation and customer satisfaction. We will continue to help maintain an environment of unity, harmony, and global peace, harnessing the power of teamwork to lead the industry. Together, let us spread “smiles across the miles.”